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An entrepreneur lady faced multiple rejections for a 2.5 crore home loan due to old CIBIL issues, despite her property being valued at 2.8 crores. Banks were uncooperative, citing her credit history as a roadblock. However, an NBFC came to her rescue with a two-phase funding solution. First, they provided a 2 crore home loan, and subsequently, an additional 50 lakh for interior work, totaling the required 2.5 crore funding. This was accomplished in Chennai, away from the NBFC’s primary location in Bangalore. Overcoming the hurdles posed by her CIBIL score and the reluctance of traditional lenders, the NBFC’s innovative approach enabled the entrepreneur lady to secure the necessary financing for her property. This success story exemplifies the NBFC’s commitment to finding tailored solutions, even in challenging circumstances, and their ability to extend their services beyond geographical boundaries.

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