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CIBIL rectification
Got a question about CIBIL rectification?
Interest rate reduction
Got a question about Interest rate reduction?
loan consolidation
Got a question about loan consolidation?
pre closure charges nego
Got a question about pre closure charges nego?
saving calculation
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EDU Loans
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We Have Helped More Than 10,000 Customers

Compare multiple banks with just one non-binding application. We save you the hassle of checking the price at each bank.

It takes 2 min. To fill out the application, you immediately get quotes from banks and can choose the best quote.

We save you not only time, but in many cases also many thousands of kroner.

We Help With Both New Loan And Collective Loan

Whether you need to borrow for renovation, car, holiday or want to combine your loans into one single loan, we will help you

New Loan
Collective Loan

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Our Advisors Are Ready To Help You

10:00AM to 7:00PM
1. KYC'S Of Both Company and Director's
2. ITR'S, Computation of Income,
4. CIBIL Score
5. Bank Statement if Loan Taken in Other's Banks, of Both Company and Individual's
6. Financials of Both Company and Individuals.

YES, You can apply for loan even if you have existing loan.

If your documents are available and verified, You can get unsecured loans within 7 to 10 days and secured loans within 2 to 3 weeks.

YES, We can reduce the Interest rate through consulting our financial services who is offering loans with less rate of interest on your loan.

There is no such specific income requirement's for loan.

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Think of our customer support team as your trusted companions, Speak your heart out. They listen with undivided attention to resolve your concerns. Whether you prefer chatting on the phone, scheduling a callback, or shooting us an email, we've got your back and we're eager to assist however we can.