About LAP

Loan against property is nothing but a loan which you avail by keeping your commercial/residential/Warehouses property as a collateral – Its a type of secured loan. The value of your property decides the amount of potential loan will be sanctioned. Smart Lap (as on Overdraft) options is also available. The usage of this product could be for Business expansion, Long Term Capital etc.

Loan Against Property Eligibility Criteria

Benefits: You’ll be ready to do funding and expand your business potential. you will be ready to get lower rate compare to private loan. Lenders usually don’t charge defrayment charges just in case of loan against property. The instant you repay the amount, you win it back for yourself. There aren’t several restrictions on the approach to utilize the funds once it involves LAP. You get the advantage of paying the loan either through equated monthly installments or draft facility, whichever is appropriate. LAP loans square measure usually longer tenure intensifying to fifteen years. If it’s longer tenure lower the EMI.

Feature: By keeping residential likewise as business properties as mortgage you’ll be ready to get LAP. You will be ready to pay off multiple debts by transportation them underneath a singular debt, therefore it’s proves to be the simplest manner for debt consolidation. There’s associate degreeinverse relationship between tenure and EMI. Longer the tenure lower are the EMI and the other approach around. As these square measure accessible for extended tenure.

Loan Against Property Partners

Loan Against Property Tips

  • Make sure that your property and No objection Certificates (NOCs) ready for inspection.
  • Choose right lender to according to your eligibility criteria and requirement.
  • Your repayment capacity and evaluate your financial position through cash inflow and outflows.
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