Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do loans without ITR check your bank statements.

Yes, we provide unsecured loan like PL, BL, WC, EC, etc.

You can claim income tax benefits in home loan, BL, CAR LOAN, Education loan, Personal loan, OD, etc.

We works with 60+ Bank and NBFC’S and suggest you best ROI Bank with maximum funding option’s by taking over the loan from your existing bank.

Yes, we provide but as some loan have mandate for co applicant we do not prefer you for that loans.

We can advice you for improving your CIBIL score for availing loan

Yes NRI loans are now easily available in India, subject to some criteria.

Repaying the full outstanding amount in a loan amount single installment or clearing the balance you can for close your loan by your existing bank.

No, In cases we are not getting charges from banks then we can charge.

We are dealing with 65+banks and NBFC’s like PNB, HDFC, AXIS, ANAND RATI, etc.

No, because they avoid our services then we will not get reference.

Send me documents we can discuss your profile with banks.

a) Depends up on your positive and income
b) If secured it depends upon collateral value also.

Once loan amount is cleared (or) completed with out any delay’s of payment you can it by your existing bank which you had loan.

We can try it for minimum 7 working days for disburse a case depends on loan type it might varies.

We can provide maximum amount based on your income and profile.

Yes, CIBIL score is important parameter but still we can take a call for less CIBIL score.

No, we done give loans for start up business we need minimum 2 years vintage to give loan.

Good question, We are working with 65+ banks & NBFC , we have more than 20 year experience on this so we can give you better ROI with minimum 5 Banks option this can save your time and money.

Yes, you can as per sanction letter policy for specific loans you can repay (or) postpay?

It depends on conditions. It might or it might not.