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What are the types of loans I can apply for ?
What is the minimum loan amount ?
Up to what amount can be disbursed ? What are the rates of interest? Are they fixed or floating?
What are the types of security / collaterals, lenders are looking for ?
Can a start-up get a loan ?
Can I prepay my loans ?
Can I get loan against shares ?
How do I pay my EMIs ?
How do I find out if I am eligible for a loan ?
Can I still apply if the calculator rejects my eligibility ?
Can I apply for a loan to multiple banks at once ?
Can I apply to more than one type of loan in one application ?
Can Micro-businesses apply for a loan ?
How much time does it take for the bank to sanction my loan ?
What are the documents I need for a loan ?
How do I check the status of my loan application ?
What is the minimum age for borrowing ?
How many banks do I select for submission ?
How will the loan be disbursed to me ?
Are there any charges payable to Analytical Investments ?
What if my loan is rejected ?
Why should I come to Analytical Investments rather than to the banks directly ?

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